Monday at the office

The sun came out today and we finally had a bonfire, still need to get rid of a lot more stuff, but it’s a start.
Rick started putting up the poly tunnel and wished that we had numbered the parts, it’s not done but he thinks he’s figured it out, maybe by the end of the week the plastic will be on.
We also let the chickens out for the first time, mostly as a test run, they were a bit tentative but finally left the coup, getting them back wasn’t so easy, tried shaking food in can and making silly noises, resorted to picking them up in the end and throwing them back in their house.
We know you’ve all had snow in UK and that the country has shut down, what a surprise. We passed a landslide today and there were 2 men and a bulldozer, a couple of signs on the road, that was it, imagine the fuss if it had been anywhere in UK……..those sorts of things make us laugh and thank god things aren’t like that here, it would spoil everything…..

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