Well, well, well

Although water is not an issue at the moment it will be later in the year and as i lie awake at night listening to the thoughts in my head ( and Rick snoring!), I get to thinking about all sorts. This week as the rain has been lashing down, I’ve been thinking about water, where is it all going and how can we have some.
We got talking about it and I decided to investigate the next day, I went off wondering up to the meadow above our first meadow and there it was, overflowing in an unused tank, I had a look and figured that there must have been a system, probably a long time ago, that allowed us to have this water as well as our neighbour. I went back to our land, following the overgrown gulley’s and discovered our tank (empty) and ancient water mine.
Spent about two hours removing vegetation, quite rank and primordial, kept expecting to see toads leaping out from the wet walls. I asked Rick to come and help me, showed him what I had discovered and asked him to dig out old, overgrown trenches, with a bit of jiggery pokery and some moving of slates, we opened the flood gates and amazingly, it all worked. We had to shut it off before we left as we would have flooded our land overnight, but at least we know how it all works. Now we just need to discuss this with our neighbour, as we were sure we were breaking about 26 by-laws. But first we need to find out who our neighbour is……..mmmmm

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