Saturday morning chores

The thing we love the most about where we are living is the contrast between modern life and the “old ways”, this photo sums it up completely. The bundle on this old lady’s head is chicken bedding and weighs nothing. A car is useless for this job, she has come down from the mountain on a tiny track, wide enough for a donkey, that’s it.
These scenes are around every corner and are the most humbling, if you were feeling even remotely sorry for yourself you’d soon stop. It’s impossible to continue in our usual westernised states of mind and not start feeling faintly ridiculous for having our thoughts, it stops you dead in your tracks, stops you from wanting to rush through your life filling it up with meaningless crap. Taking the time to enjoy the small things and feel grateful for what we have is something I am finding easier to do here as there are less distractions and lots of reminders……..

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