Cold and frosty

You think it’s cold where you are…….
Last time it was this cold in Portugal was 1932!! apparently people are dying and not coping at all.
Working hard on the land helps keeps us warm and when the sun is out which has been most of the week, it’s quite warm, as soon as sun disappears over the mountain, then you feel it.
The rental still remains quite possibly the coldest house I have ever lived in, we’re back to two hot water bottles a night again, thought we’d seen the back of that one, oh well, lets hope spring is round the corner.

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One Response to Cold and frosty

  1. Jane Allen says:

    Hi Sarah and Rick
    Just caught up on your blog and pleased to see you are well stuck in already. Rather you than me though in this cold weather. Hope you can cope ok till it gets warmer. It is well below zero here today and all the trees and plants are covered in thick frost. Very beautiful if only the sun would shine too, but then it would melt. You are not missing much here in England. Things seem to lurch from bad to worse. Hope you guys are well and happy and having fun despite adverse conditions. The wednesday morning pilates group is starting with a new teacher in a couple of weeks so will let you know how it goes.We will miss you though and it won’t be the same.Will stay in touch. Hang in there. Lots of love Jane x

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