Liquid Gold

After almost two whole weeks of continuous picking (only short days tho’, maybe 4-5 hours a day) we took our olives to the local lagar. We used a lagar that Rick’s new barber recommended and discovered that people from miles around use this lagar because the olive oil it produces is better than the lagars with newer machinery ………….

we had our sacks weighed, 125 kilos in total, and although we didn’t have enough for an individual pressing, we did come away with 15.5 litres of olive oil!

Several local Portuguese people came over to look at our olives and commented on how amazing they looked (even though they were covered in leaves and stuff – the olives that is not the locals!!).
We have bottled all and feel that despite there being a million other jobs to do, this job has been a job well done and worth doing……….
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One Response to Liquid Gold

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are amazing! and I can’t wait to get helping in February. Happy new year to you two and the dogs and the cat(how on earth is she coping?)
    lovely to see you in here! and great fotos! what s your address, thought I find it on here ,but noLots of love frommDaniela

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