Clearing the land

We are slowly making some progress on the land (compare with photo “some of what we bought”, you’ll have to look very closely to see difference!.

As Rick harvests olives, i’m pruning trees and generally tidying up. There are a lot of brambles everywhere and my gardening gloves are not man enough for the job. They don’t sell gardening gloves for women here (obviously). My hands are full of thorns and are very sore, thank god I bought the Sudocrem with me.
I found our first creature yesterday, a great big toad living in one of the terrace walls, Rick tried to make me kiss it, I naturally didn’t…………
More of the same today and more fruit tree planting
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One Response to Clearing the land

  1. Jackie says:

    Never mind about the sore hands.. you can rub in some olive oil! Have you got lights for all of your trees?
    Merry Christmas, Love from Tony, Jackie and Tilly

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