Making our rental warmer

We bought a fantastic wood burning stove with us from UK, but they don’t work well without a register plate, so after several days of burning a lot of wood and not feeling very warm (it’s bloody cold here, and wet), Rick decided to find piece of sheet steel to make a register plate, easy you might think.

Several kilometers and a few hours later, we did find a guy and he cut us a piece to size, Rick spent some time bashing the hell out of it (dressing it to shape!) and now we have a functioning stove and are a bit warmer. Rick is also not having to find and cut and chop quite so much wood.
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One Response to Making our rental warmer

  1. Hmm… I may need that tool to remove those Super Tenere petrol taps…

    Glad to see that the rest of Eu is health and safety mad.

    Missing you all. joe x

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