Harvesting our olives

We know we’re a bit late, but they’re just hanging there asking to be picked so we are. The Lagars are still open so we’ll crack on.

Today was the first fruit day in the bio-dynamic calender, so after alot of digging, we have decided to convert one of the terraces near the house in to an orchard and top fruit garden. We planted nectarine, cherry and walnut, gooseberry, redcurrant, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry. We pruned all the olives on that terrace and had a great fire. Tomorrow it’s back to olive picking and we’ll pick until either there are no more olives or the lagar is closed, whichever comes first.
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One Response to Harvesting our olives

  1. shellstar says:

    Ah Sarah and Rick, sounds like (hard) fantastic work. Nothing like falling into bed at the end of days like that, wish I could run around filming you (in between helping) so we could make home movies to project on a yurt wall at a later date… I am sure your memories will be doing more than a good enough job of that! Love you, Shel x

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