We´ve arrived

Journey from Colchester to Plymouth was uneventful – great.
Passport control, uneventful and the dogs and cat didn´t get scanned, glad I didn´t go through the recommended rigmoral of getting a million rabies jabs and blood tests done, infact they haven´t been checked once ……

The boat trip was OK, “Seasick Rick” felt pretty sick and only wanted to eat oranges or Haribo Sour mix, got the latter as no oranges on board, I think he thought he might get scurvy!
I on the other hand had a wonderful french meal for one, no really, it was good and some wine. The boat was incredibly hot which didn´t help with the sea sickness.

The dogs kennels were barbaric and they didn´t go for a pee or poo for 24 hours, can´t say I blame them, the toilet facilities were very poor. Somehow they managed to survive, i have never seen Stanley piss for so long when we finally got them to beach in Santander.

Had yet another uneventful journey through Spain ( possibly the bleakest country I have ever been to, yes, even bleaker than Scotland!). Stayed in fantastic hotel by motorway just outside Valladolid called El Montico (if you´re ever passing, pop in!), you could smoke everywhere (hurrah!), they let us put the animals in the room and walk them through they´re very busy and posh lobby!. Live music in the bar in the evening and a slap up meal, probably last one for a while.

Anyway, back to now…

We have been harvesting our olives, with little information but a lot of energy, watching what the locals do. I´ve also been digging so I can get in some fruit bushes in.
We have made some new friends, been to a car boot sale; went to church for St Nicolas day; bought a phone; chopped a lot of wood; had a meeting with the architect.
Our first week has been hectic and willprobably remain that way. Still feels like we are on holiday, even though we are working hard. Not missing anything………..

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