We’re finally leaving

After a lot of soul searching and house hunting, we’ve finally found our next place to be.  We’ve sweated about the apparent lack of legal papers available for our land, found a very tenacious solicitor who made it possible for us to buy it and we’ve signed on quite a lot of dotted lines. In two months time we’ll be leaving England with our dogs and cat and some accumultaed stuff (mostly useful) and a truck full of skills. 

I’ll keep updating as and when

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3 Responses to We’re finally leaving

  1. outback girl says:

    How jolly exciting!!! Know you will be happy out of this dismal country.
    Whats the house like, or are you living in a tree,shed or tent?

    Excellent allotment.

  2. ah, just found your comment, bit backward with all this technology. No we will have to rent for a while, as can’t live in house……..hoping to build a yurt by the spring to live in whilst we build new house, but may continue to rent if cheap enough.

    Yes excellent allotment, 3 huge meadows, river running next to them…….can’t wait.

    Ps how cold is it………….could it be any colder?

  3. viv says:

    hello baby,
    Send more pics, can’t wait to see and read more. lot of love for you two. viv
    do you receive my first message?

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